Stamping Out a Stigma

Stamping Out a Stigma...

A stigma surrounds rescue dogs. People often perceive them as damaged and impaired, assuming that something is wrong with them for lacking a home of their own. The notion of adoption is quickly abandoned by many as they resort to a breeder or a pet store.

However, the negative associations made with rescue dogs are mere misconceptions. Rescue dogs are loving, compassionate, gentle, and grateful. It is true that many have endured traumatic experiences, but that does not make them lesser creatures in any way. All these dogs want is somebody to love and accept them.

There are many reasons that an animal may end up in a shelter, but this does not make them any less affectionate or caring. Rescue dogs make incredible companions, filled with admiration and devotion for the lucky owner who decides to share his or her home with them. Dogs of all different sizes, breeds, ages, and personalities can be adopted, but one thing they all share is a big heart.


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