"Female German Shepherd Dog about 10-12 months old. OK with cats. Gets along with other dogs. 

Elsa just turned 1-year-old. She's a looker who is desperate to please and to be loved, and great with big dogs, acting submissive around them. She loves playing and is working on fetch: she's good with playing catch, but has not quite mastered the drop and release part! She comes on command, sits, lays down, and does know what "be quiet" means.

She can walk on a leash but lunges at specific people and small dogs. She is not really aggressive, but she doesn't know how to approach without intensity and a scary bark. With people, she is easily corrected and will continue her walk, but with small dogs she is very adamant about putting on a show. 

While she displays that behavior on a leash, she can be with small dogs and even cats inside a home. Her foster family has two small Pomeranians that she is not even remotely aggressive towards. She does nudge to get them to play, but that is as far as it goes. The family also has a cat and she is quick to want to chase her, but responds well when told to leave her alone. The fosters have not tested her with children. 

Elsa can have some anxiety when left alone. The assumption is that her previous owners left her alone quite often and now, when she receives attention and then the fosters leave, she will bark until they command to her to stop. She does stop when told. She runs fast and plays hard even though her hips seem weak. Exercise will help keep her in shape. She also enjoys swimming once you get her in the water, which is also great conditioning. She does get a little crazy when she is at the vet but it seems to be all false aggression. Once she gets to meet the person or animal she is interested in, she calms down.

Overall, she is a fantastic dog. She would do well with an owner willing to train her and would do great with daily tasks. Another playful dog in the home would keep her energy down and keep her focused on things other than her anxiety. She is gorgeous and has amazingly huge ears that are just the cutest."


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