“Tofu is a Poodle / Maltese. "Tofu came to the rescue in horrible horrible condition. He was so badly matted that his eyes were practically sealed shut from all the matted fur and the crust in his eyes. It took our wonderful groomer Tye ( almost two hours to get him shaved and cleaned up.  After his bath he was like a new dog. Prancing down the street giving love to all the other dogs & people he passed. Apparently the matted fur was so bad on the inside of his legs it hindered his movement. He’s like a new dog. Even though he was severely neglected this little boy has so much love to give. He is approximately four years old and less than 15 pounds. He was brought to the San Bernardino shelter as a stray. He will make a great family dog. If you have a lot of love to give and want some love back this is your boy."

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