"Has 3 legs
Layma is a mutt. We really have no idea what she is But based on the coloring and the markings we believe she is a Jack Russell terrier mix...for now.  We might not be sure of her breed but we are 100% sure this lil girl Who is approx 3yrs old, has only three legs and is less than 30 pounds is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet… She’s also one of the most flirtatious at the dog park. :)
Layma came to us from Armenia where she was badly injured from a car accident. At the time she was nursing her puppies even with her legs all mangled she still made sure they were fed. She’s a pretty special girl. Having three legs and most of her teeth knocked out from the car doesn’t slow her down. She still loves to zoom down the street on her walks  stopping to greet everyone she meets.  If That is not cute enough take her to the dog park and enjoy watching her chase all the boys at the parK. She loves playing with the boys and the girls and loves kids as well.  She also lllloves to Chase tennis balls and play with her squeaky toys. It is impossible to stay sad around this dog. Just watching her zest for life will put a smile on your face.  You really could not ask for a sweeter dog."

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