Honey Bunny

"Honey Bunny is a 5-year-old Tibetan spaniel mix (with a little Pekingese thrown in, maybe?) who likes other dogs -- even some big ones -- but is a little picky when it comes to people. If she likes you, you can do no wrong. But she doesn't like everyone, and she usually makes that known. She loves to play with toys and would do best in a home with adults only where there isn't a lot of chaos. She doesn't need a lot of exercise but does need attention -- the more the better, although it can be as little as snuggling on the couch or playing with a toy. She's spayed, healthy, current on vaccinations and microchipped. Honey Bunny weighs about 15 pounds."

For more information or to apply for adoption:
email ~ shamrockrf@gmail.com
call ~ 714-270-4187


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